• A committee is formed for the IPE Review Panel, initial observations and couple of meetings arranged and action plan is formed for implementation purpose.

January , 2018

  • Program Teams for 11 different programs are formed and duly notified to their respective head of the department.
  • Seminar for bringing awareness of SARs to the Program Teams will be arranged in the second week of March.  

February , 2018

  • Deputy Director QEC conducted a workshop as a Resource person on a "Revised Assessment Criteria for QECs" at Iqra National University, Peshawar.
  • QEC team of City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar has arranged an "Awareness Seminar on SARs for Program teams", in this regard Director QEC Northern University Prof. Muhammad Taimoor Khan was invited as a resource person.   

March , 2018

  • Program teams have completed the SARs and few of the PTs have submitted their reports to QEC office

April , 2018

  • Program Teams have submitted all the SARs on 11 different programs to the QEC office.
  • QEC office with the help of Concern departments and Vice chancellor constituted 11 different Assessment Teams for 11 different SARs.
  • QEC office scheduled the meetings of ATs by the end of June, 2018.

May , 2018

QEC team along with Registrar section has checked all the evidences required by IPE 11 standards for the upcoming IPE visit.

November , 2017

  • QAA Review Panel of IPE has successfully conducted the visit on 27-29 December, 2017
  • Deputy Director QEC and Assistant Director QEC participated in the First International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education organized by Khyber Medical University, Peshawar.  
  • QEC team organized a workshop on "IPE 2017 Pre-Visit Preparation". Prof. Muhammad Taimoor Khan Director QEC, Northern University was a resource person.
  • QAA, HEC team will be visiting City University for conducting IPE at the end of the December, 2017. 
  • QEC team initiated the process of SARs/YPR 2017-18 with the approval of Hon. VC Prof. Dr. Atta Ullah Shah.

December , 2017

  • QEC CUSIT arranged a seminar on "Preparation of Self Assessment Report (SARs)". The guest speaker was Prof. Muhammad Taimoor Khan, Director QEC, Northern University.
  • Formation of PTs completed for different programs of SARs.
  • CUSIT-QEC completed first phase internal reviews of all departments.
  • Dy. Director QEC participated in a seminar of Institutional Performance Evaluation organized by Sarhad University.
  • CUSIT-QEC arranged seminar on
    • Role of QEC in Quality Assurance in Academic & Research by Dy. Director QEC.
    • Philosophy of Outcome Based Education by Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah.
    • Designing of Program/Courses in Outcome Based Education by Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah.
    • CU-LMS by Mr. Muhammad Hannan.

January , 2017

  • Deputy Director QEC (CUSIT), Participated in two days workshop on "Higher education". Access and Quality, Organized by Higher Education Kyber pukhtoonkhwa and Frontier education foundation.

March , 2017

  • Vice Chancellor of City University approved Assessment Teams (ATs) for fourteen different Programs.

April , 2017

  • ASSESSMENT TEAMS (ATs) visits for 14 different programs have been completed.
  • PT's for 14 different programs submitted SARs to the QEC office.
  • Deputy Director QEC attended three days workshop on "Quality Assurance and Governance" organized by IM Sciences and TESP (HEC).
  • Director QEC and Deputy Director QEC attended two days training workshop on "MS/M.Phil and Equivalent Program Review and Ph.D Program Review and IPE" organized by QAA, HEC Islamabad.

May , 2017

  • ASSESSMENT TEAMS (ATs) exit meetings with the Dean of Faculties and VC have just been completed.

June , 2017

  • QAA(HEC) conducted MS/M.Phil and Phd. Programs Review.
  • Prof. Dr. Anwaar Fazil Chishti has been appointed as Director QEC.
  • Director QEC Prof. Dr. Jehanzeb passed away.

July , 2017

  • City University of Science and Information Technology has submitted SARs along with the YPR (2016-17), to the QAA HEC Islamabad.

August , 2017

QEC team along with all the functional departments has initiated the process of Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE). In this regard QEC team arranged a series of interactive seminars on IPE, in order to educate the whole team about 11 standards of IPE, the University Portfolio report and University wide data. 

September , 2017

QEC team has submitted the University Portfolio Report (UPR) along with University Wide data, University ACT, University wide Policies and rules and regulations to QAA, HEC Islamabad. 

October , 2017

  • Quality Enhancement Cell has organized a one day seminar on Scientific/Quality Writing and Publishing.
  • QEC-CUSIT has completed Departmental Internal Review Visit of Computer Sciences, English, Electrical Engineering and Management Sciences Department.

November , 2016

  • QEC-CUSIT completed First Phase internal reviews of department of Civil Engineering and Mathematics.
  • QEC-CUSIT facilitated an orientaion workshop for QEC department of IQRA International University on "Learning Institutional Performance Evaluation Process of HEC".

December , 2016

  • Director, QEC with approval of the Vice Chancellor has initiated the process of SARs where PTs for BBS, MS-SE, MS-CS, MS-Electrical, MS-Mathematics, BS-English and MS-MS were formed.

January , 2016

  • Two day workshop on Progress Review and Role of QAA, at HEC, Islamabad.
  • Seminar on Rubric forms as a tool for Assessment team.

February , 2016

  • Conducted seminar on Introduction to SAR and its preparation at Iqra National University Peshawar.
  • Learning HEC Self-Assessment team.
  • Interactive Session for the “Preparation of SARs”.
  • Seminar on “Research Proposal”.

March , 2016

  • The PT members of BBS, MS-SE, MS-CS, MS-Electrical, MS-Mathematics, BS-English and MS-MS with an intimate support and follow up of QEC, completed the SAR and forwarded to QEC.

April , 2016

  • Conducted interactive seminar on SAR preparation at CECOS University of IT & Emerging Sciences.
  • QEC PTs member meeting regarding SARs progress and preparation.

May , 2016

  • QEC arranged visit of Assessment Team to the selected programs i.e. MS-SE, MS-CS, MS-Electrical, MS-Mathematics, BS-English and MS-MS. Followed by this, AT presented their findings with their suggested implementation plan. Vice Chancellor approved the document.
  • QEC submitted the hard and soft copy of SARs for MS-SE, MS-CS, MS-Electrical, MS-Mathematics, BS-English and MS-MS to HEC.
  • Aims, Quality Assurance, Staff and Contact details updated.

June , 2016

  • Assistant Director, QEC is appointed.

July , 2016

  • Two days Progress Review meeting of Quality enhancement Cells, at HEC Islamabad

September , 2016

  • One day workshop on Plagiarism policy and TURNITIN 06 October, at HEC Islamabad.
  • As a commitment to QAA ( HEC) Standards, City University of Science and Information Technology has ensured 5 dedicated staff members to its Quality Enhancement Cell.
  • QEC organized an introductory session “Outcome Based Education” for faculty members and staff.
  • Internal Departmental review being a first step towards Institutional Performance Evaluation, QEC-CUSIT requested for Departmental Nominees who would work alongside QEC-CUSIT as QEC Volunteer member(s) who are expected to contribute towards enhancement of quality.
  • QEC-CUSIT announced dates of first phase of Departmental Internal Review Visits.

October , 2016